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3M™ Solar Control Solutions

Protect your home from the power of the sun with 3M Window Films

3M Sun Control Window Films let light into your home while keeping heat and sun damage out. When you choose 3M Window Films, you get the unsurpassed quality and performance that comes from decades of leadership in developing innovative sun control window film technology.

Reduce Fading of Furnishings and Flooring

For all the joy that unfiltered sunlight brings when it shines through your windows, it does cause fading to furniture and other fabrics, natural wood flooring, artwork, photos, and your other valuables. You have made a tremendous investment in your furnishings, so protect them from the sun and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Protect your home and belongings from ultraviolet light with protective window film

3M Window Film acts as a transparent barrier blocking harmful ultraviolet light. Depending upon which film you choose, these window films can also significantly reduce excessive solar heat gain and glare by regulating the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The most beautiful feature of all: it does all of this while still letting the same amount of natural light enter your home.

Anti-glare window film

Few things are as frustrating as working on a computer screen or trying to watch television in a sunlit room, with glare and reflections everywhere. In the fall and winter, the changing angles of the sun make this an even greater challenge in your home.

3M Window Films have anti-glare properties that significantly reduce glare, helping you to do your work, relax, and enjoy your view without the eyestrain caused by excessive light. 3M Residential Window Films cut glare by more than half, and while still allowing most of the visible light to shine through. So go ahead, open your blinds and shades and let the sunlight into your home.

Temperature Controlled Comfort

Windows bring natural light into your life at home, and they also play an important role in regulating heat and energy. 3M Window Film makes your home more comfortable in hot weather by combating solar heat gain.

Too much natural light creates unwanted heat and a less comfortable and less inviting atmosphere. 3M Sun Control Window Films reject up to 66% of the heat coming through the windows, providing increased comfort and energy savings by reducing air conditioning expenses and providing greater temperature control and stability.

In cold weather, 3M Sun Control Window Film reflects interior heat back into the house, reducing heating costs. You’ll experience an immediate difference upon installation and be able to live and work with your window coverings wide-open without the excessive solar heat and glare.

Stop the Effects of the Sun's Harmful UV Rays

UV protective window coverings help to protect everyone in your home from sun exposure

It is a well-known fact UVA rays streaming through your home’s windows can be damaging to your skin and eyes, and may contribute to visible signs of aging, wrinkles, and cancers of the skin.

Window film is often recommended by skin specialists for individuals with sensitivity to the sun, cancers of the skin, and other skin related diseases. 3M Window Film is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a safe and effective preventative measure and sun protection product.

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